Cascadia School

Cascadia Montessori School Fundraising

$290 Raised To Date!

Cascadia provides Montessori learning environments for students in the first through eighth grades taught by faculty members who represent the highest standards of their profession. Our students develop the important life skill of being self-directed learners through classroom activities that nurture their inner motivation and provide opportunities for the fullest possible exploration of their interests. At Cascadia, children learn how to learn instead of just what to learn.

Cascadia Montessori Elementary and Middle School
10606 NE 14th St
Vancouver, WA 98664

Thank you for supporting Cascadia School!
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  1. Click. Buy. Help.

    NEW! Walmart just added!

  2. Great way to help the school get funds. No extra work on my part as I ordered from Amazon as usual and part of the proceeds went to Cascadia. Everyone should do it…

    • Thanks, Dan B. Glad it was “painless.” That’s the goal! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you spread the word.

      Click. Buy. Help.

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