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Thank you for visiting the easiest and best, NO COST and NO OBLIGATION fundraising idea around.  It’s simple: each time you or one of your organization’s supporters make a regular online purchase, your organization earns a donation from Click. Buy. Help.

How does it work?

Click. Buy. Help. is an innovative way for your school, church or non-profit organization to earn donations when your supporters shop online. Many of us already buy products online and now doing so causes a donation to be made to our favorite cause.

Many online retailers have affiliate programs that pay commissions to web sites that send traffic – and sales – to their online stores.  Each time your supporters shop online, ask them to begin from your organization’s page on Click. Buy. Help. We earn a commission on that sale and then share that commission 50/50 in the form of a donation to your organization.  Your organization promotes your page on Click. Buy. Help. and we do all the behind the scenes work for you.

The perfect partnership!

You share with your supporters the direct link to your page and simply ask them to start their regular online shopping there.  We’ll manage everything else and make regular donations to you – all at no cost to you and no additional cost to your supporters.  All they have to do is start their regular online shopping from your organization’s page on Click. Buy. Help.!

How do I get started?

Just drop us a note through our Contact page and we’ll be in touch to get you set up.

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